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Smart home technology – never lift a finger at movie time

The idea of an interconnected home where technology lets you sit back and issue commands to change the TV channel or choose a film is quite simply amazing, but how does it work?

Smart home technology can carry out a variety of domestic tasks, though the area that will prove the most interactive is no doubt entertainment.

While most home functions can be set at similar levels month to month, we demand a lot from our home entertainment systems.

Choice has transformed the very notion of listening to music, watching television or catching the latest film release. Streaming services, in particular, offer a huge number of films, TV box sets, albums and singles at the push of a button. To optimise this choice many people subscribe to numerous streaming services as well as digital television.

This is where smart home technology comes into its own – it can be the link to join this array of entertainment into one central hub with no effort for the viewer. No more scrabbling around trying to locate various remote controls, devices or passwords; a smart home connects your world of home entertainment.

How does smart home entertainment work?

The basic idea is to get all your devices, speakers, television sets, music systems – and the related apps that provide the content – linked up to one central control unit.

This generally takes the shape of a control panel or a remote control, which allows home owners to sit back and switch the TV on then control everything without having to move from the sofa.

Flick between streaming services, turn the surround sound speakers on or choose an album off Spotify - all with one central controller that communicates with the individual devices.

The developing market is matching this ability to bring one-touch entertainment to the living room with digital assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Home. With much of the technology already functioning, spoken commands can control home entertainment networks without even needing to use a control panel – just ask it for a film choice instead.

So, with smart home technology when you decide to watch a film after a long day at the office, sit back and let technology do the rest by providing a world of entertainment choice at your fingertips.

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