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Natural light helps to lift moods and bring positivity into the comfort of your home. The exception is those cold rainy days and darker hours during the winter months where you’ll want to keep the cosy warmth of a glowing fire to yourself. Let the outside in … on demand.

Better Living

Better living and working

Home automation technology can be used to control blinds, curtains and shutters throughout your home. By linking the operating mechanism to a central hub, you can create a daily schedule that automatically opens and closes your window coverings.

Let In Light Block Out

Let in the light or block out the world

Using smart home technology you can easily raise, lower or tilt individual curtains or blinds and groups of shades at any window in your home. From the manual push of a remote control button or a tap on your smart phone, you can request the scene of your choice. Add automated timer preferences to the mix, even voice audio control, and you never need to lift a finger.


The Benefits

Your smart home system can open and close, raise or lower window coverings daily when you wake or when you come home in the evening. Allow for seasonal daylight hours and holiday settings to keep your home warm, secure and manageable. Has a storm developed and the sky turned dark and grey? Or perhaps you’ve had a change in schedule and can’t return home until late. Not to worry, close your blinds at the touch of a button using the Android or iPhone app.

  • Recapture valuable family time
  • Save money in the winter by trapping the heat inside
  • Save energy in the summer by utilising the extra heat absorption
  • Perceive an occupied home even if you’re not there
  • Filter the sun’s glare in the summer
  • Screen the grey evenings in the winter
  • Improve privacy by setting partial scenes
  • Enjoy the flexibility
 of creating multiple comfort levels

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With integration into control systems you can check on your lights, heating and other home automation systems through a web browser from anywhere in the world. We can show you how.

From single room installations to total home lighting and home automation systems, our solutions are designed and installed to your precise requirements. We will work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve and then we will manage the project from start to finish ensuring that you get the solutions you need.

Our lighting, heating and home automation installations are second to none and we are committed to going that extra mile for our clients to deliver the solution that they want.

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