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We are second to none when it comes to smart home installation and we are committed to going that extra mile for our clients to deliver the solution that they want whether that be home security, smart lighting, lighting control or a smart home cinema installed. Call us today for any questions or smart home installation prices based on what you are looking for in a smart home.

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Very reasonably priced and very prompt when I have called them out. I use their services perhaps on an annual basis as technology changes and I need to update. I would be more than happy to recommend them to friends and family who are interested in smart homes.

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Smart home FAQ's

What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology is intelligent equipment and software that connects electronic systems – security, audio and visual media, heating and lighting - in your home. Using a central mainframe, user interfaces (the operating devices for you) and control interfaces (the clever applications that connect all elements to send and receive commands), automation enables easy control whilst in your home or from a mobile device anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of smart home technology?

In a nutshell, this technology offers complete peace of mind and efficiency. Integrating the technology into your home will improve security and surveillance, and enable automated operation of your heating, lighting, blinds or curtains and audio media appliances. Ultimately, smart home devices will save you time, money and provide you secure access to the system anywhere in the world from your connected devices.

How complicated is smart home technology?

It's not complicated to use once the control system is installed. A qualified technician will integrate the hardware and software and connect to all necessary equipment in your home. Once connected, a series of commands will be programmed into the system in order to automate processes. This configuration will allow you to operate your lighting, heating, security devices and entertainment systems from the touch of a button or voice command. Professional installation is the best way to ensure complete integration of your smart home services.

How do I control a smart home system?

Once installed, the devices throughout your home can be operated using a computer, wall-mounted keypad, remote control, tablet or smart phone, or via voice command personal assistant device such as Amazon Echo.

How reliable is smart home technology?

Smart technology is very reliable. Should anything falter with the central mainframe, a notification will usually be received identifying the problem. All parts are easily replaced and all programming can be changed, improved or erased when needed. Generally speaking, systems that are hard-wired are more robust.

How much will a smart home technology system cost?

There is no set cost for a smart home automation system because each project will have its own unique set of variables such as existing equipment, the level of automation and complex commands required, the size of the project in terms of the number of rooms and buildings, and the amount of assembly work required. The best answer to this question would be to give us a call so that we can provide a fit for purpose specification and quotation.

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