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Shade in the sunshine, shelter from the snow with smart home technology

Window blinds: An everyday essential that it is quite easy to overlook but that are integral to a functioning home.

After all, when the sun goes down and the nights draw in, pulling the shutters down on the outside world traps the cosiness in – and when a new day gets underway we open the blinds to let the light in to wake us.

More than that blinds help to regulate the temperature, retaining the heat during the colder months and providing shade in the heat of summer.

Smart home technology can not only take the task of manually opening blinds off your hands but also optimise their effectiveness.

No effort, total effectiveness

Interior blinds in a smart home can be programmed to close as light falls and darkness descends without interrupting you making dinner or relaxing on the sofa.

Smart home blinds will also close and shut out the cold when you are out of the house making it nice and cosy for your return.

Temperature sensors make the most of blinds as a means to help control heat in the home. Sensors will shut out excessive sunlight by triggering the blinds to close and help to control the heat inside your smart home during the summer months.

Functionality without fuss

Smart home technology is perfect for houses that have rooms, such as conservatories, which have numerous blinds. Being able to close all those blinds at the push of a button is a great way to relieve the tedium of this everyday task.

Functionally, smart home blinds will help to address problems with daily wear and tear due to the pressure put on the blind fittings by constantly pulling cords.

Instead, let a motor take the strain – the gentle action being far easier on the fittings.

Then of course there is the safety aspect – blind cords are an ongoing concern for the health and safety of children. Motor-controlled blinds that operate through smart home technology take away the need for cords making blinds far safer for younger members of the family.

What are you waiting for? Let the light in exactly when you want to with blinds activated at the push of a button thanks to smart home technology. Contact Avisio to find out more.

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