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A world of music at your fingertips – in every room of your house

Sonos is a music lover’s dream - your favourite artists played on demand in any room of your house, whenever you want.

Wireless, stable and with a great sound quality, Sonos is the future that music deserves.

The true beauty of the Sonos smart home music system is that it provides instant access to all genres of music. Whether you are a classic rock fan, electronic enthusiast or more at home with classical composers the digital libraries that connect to Sonos will grant you enviable access to the best music.

Not to forget your own carefully collated music collection, which can also be streamed across your smart home music network.

How does Sonos work?

Sonos uses wireless technology to access music rather than Bluetooth, allowing homeowners to play music from online streaming services including Spotify, Deezer and Google Play.

All it takes to get started is one speaker – the Sonos Play:1. This small but powerful speaker will give you access to music through a wireless connection and even allows you to make voice commands thanks to Amazon Alexa being built in.

Simple to set up and simple to use, high end smart home technology does not need to be complicated.

How can I listen to music across my house?

With the basics in place you can add speakers to any room of the house you wish. Sonos offers a number of different speakers with varying depths of sound so if you want things ‘crazy loud’ in the lounge for entertaining guests go for the Sonos Play:5.

A Sonos Playbar is another option to enhance your smart home musical experience with its rich tones and is also ideal for a home cinema system.

Without the need for wires and with a stylish design that suits any room the choice is yours for fuss-free multi-room music with Sonos.

Listening choice

If you’re worried a connected home music system could mean constantly listening to your teenager’s current favourite artist take solace in the fact that music can be separated by room.

Whether someone wants to rock out in the lounge or kick back with classics upstairs, Sonos brings that flexibility and choice by offering dedicated streaming for different rooms. Separate Spotify accounts can also be streamed to different speakers if you would prefer.

Millions of songs on demand, wire-free installation and a fantastic sound – what is there not to love about a Sonos smart home music system?

Find out more about adding Sonos to your home, contact Avisio.

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