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Technology improves every aspect of modern day living and an interconnected home that unites your security, access, entertainment, and heating and lighting is an environment we can all aspire to - an aspiration that is now within reach for all homeowners.

Interconnection with comfort and confidence

Imagine a home that is a safe, warm sanctuary full of the creature comforts we have become accustomed to love. All of which are securely accessible by the touch of a button … anywhere in the world. With smart home technology add another level to your functional home and operate your heating, blinds and curtains, security alarm, doors and gates and every aspect of your media and audio entertainment systems.

Using an integrated platform, network and interface, smart home automation technology can carry out an array of domestic tasks, embedded in your daily routine.

How does home automation work?

Think of it as an advanced remote control. A device that you can access securely from within your home and away from your home that utilises a series of commands to operate thermostats, air conditioning and heating, lighting, security and all TV and audio equipment.In its simplest form, all your devices talk to each other via a central control system and are operational via the touch of a button on a handheld remote, your phone or tablet. You can view what’s happening on your security cameras, voice activate door entry and instigate your entire entertainment system – speakers, TV, amp – with a single command. Harness power and performance within a modern day home with smart automation technology.

The benefits

Smart home technology brings added luxury to day-to-day functionality at the touch of a button. Attainable pricing and availability makes the smart home of the future an option right now. Set the tone for your lifestyle with ambient lighting, the perfect temperature and entertainment on demand. This could be your home - easy living on demand.

  • Save time, money and energy
  • Keep your home safe with privacy measures and security controls
  • Versatile integration to change schedules - switch off or turn on
  • Receive notifications to your mobile whilst on the move or voice announcement whilst in the home
  • Flexibility to stay in control from anywhere in the world

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