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Project Details

Swimming pool TV

This was a last-minute request from the client, but due to the thought put in prior to cabling for future phases, this was possible as extra cables were installed in most zones. The only problem was now going to be where to install it. With raised flower beds being installed for all the flowers around the pool, we decided to extend the beds and install a hidden TV sunken into the woodwork. An electronic lifter was then used to raise a fully waterproof TV along with a lid to allow the client to watch TV while getting in some early morning lengths. Audio was added to the Sonarray system for times when parties were to be held. The structure was then covered by contacts linked to the alarm which would warn the client if anyone attempted to open the lid without using the automation system, offering added protection from unwanted interest.

Garden Audio

The garden had a 4.1 Sonance Sonnaray patio system installed, allowing the speakers to be discreetly hidden within the foliage of the plants and shrubs. Four satellite speakers were installed along with an in-ground subwoofer The swimming pool then had the upgraded version of the garden series, which offers a wider area of coverage with a deeper sound allowing up to 16 satellite speakers and 2 subwoofers.

Motorised blinds

These were requested not only for the aesthetic looks but also for the security features they provide when the client is not at the property. Qmotion blinds were installed so they could be integrated into the automation system, allowing the client to control their blind from the touch screens located around the property. This system also allows for the blinds to be scheduled, such as when the alarm is set.

CCTV system

An IP system from Dahua was proposed, as this provides the best picture quality. It also allows for future upgrade paths allowing for better quality images as and when the equipment becomes available. A 32” Network Video Recorder (NVR) was installed, allowing for the cameras in phase 1 as well as the cameras needed in phase 2. An HDD was installed for future capacity allowing the client to view up to 30 days of playback, should it be needed. Mixtures of bullet, turret and vandal-proof domes were proposed to suit the area of installation along with different fixed lens and IR levels. The CCTV can be viewed on touch screens, televisions, and smart devices while away from the property.


A Texecom wired alarm was installed due to the quality of the product and the integration with the Control4 automation system. The system was designed to allow arming and disarming of the different buildings at different times for full flexibility and control.

Multi-room audio

This was required not only in the house itself but also in the outbuildings and external areas of the property such as the back garden and the site of the future swimming pool. For the internal areas, Triad ceiling speakers were installed to allow a seamless and minimal look. An 8” zoned amplifier with 16 channel audio mixer was installed to allow different sources to be played in the different rooms, or all zones to be grouped when the client is entertaining friends.

HD Distribution

To cover the 8 televisions within the property, we allowed for an 8x8 HD matrix from the manufacturer HDANYWHERE. As there are three people living at the property, we installed three individual Sky boxes, allowing any box to be viewed on any TV. Other items such as CCTV, on-screen GUI from the C4 system and apple TV services were added as inputs to the matrix. The images are then delivered to the TVs over cat6 cabling.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting was only requested in specific zones, so it didn’t warrant a centralised lighting system. We also installed C4 individual dimmers in areas such as the kitchen, hallway, home office, landing and master bedroom. The keypads also offered the facility for controlling dimming levels, blinds and audio volume within each zone for a perfectly customised experience.

Heating integration

To make the home more energy-efficient, we used Control4’s own thermostat control to integrate heating and hot water controls. This allows the client to take control of the heating from anywhere in the world using the Control4 panel.

Electric gate intercom

Due to the size and security considerations on the property, we installed an IP intercom from Control4. This allows communication with the touch screens on the property and also with mobile devices when away from the property. A keypad was also installed allowing the gardener and cleaner access to the property with ease.

Cinema room

With an outbuilding already being used for a summer house and gym, the homeowner requested a cinema and games room to complement this space. We installed a recessed projector screen with a smaller monitor installation flush in the wall. The projector may be used for film and TV while the smaller monitor is more suitable for gaming. A 5.1 surround system was installed using Sonance in-wall and ceiling speakers. A 4K Sony projector was installed to provide the best possible picture on the impressive 100” screen.


As a major refurbishment was scheduled, this allowed us to work alongside electricians and builders to finalise cables and routes. We also discussed further requirements for phase two of the renovation work.

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