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Mood-tailored ambient lighting with smart home technology

When we think of lighting a house we tend to think of fitted lights, lamps, security lights and making the most of the natural light – but smart home technology offers a whole new dimension in visual presentation.

Mood lighting will no longer be confined to strategic placement of lamps in the corners of rooms, instead it will be an interactive experience connected to your activities, needs and mood.

Lighting using smart home technology can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Simple or show-stopper – you decide

At one end of the scale are white bulbs. These cast a standard, familiar shade of light but have a multitude of extra settings and functionality.

Smart home technology will allow users to dim the lights, add security settings – such as lights coming on when you are away from the house, or a gradual brightening to wake you in the morning.

At the other end of the scale there are lighting systems that will really add the wow factor to your home. Multicoloured LEDs allow home owners to choose a shade of lighting to suit their mood or to compliment a room.

Watching a thriller? Set the lighting to an icy blue to match. Entertaining? How about lilac just for the fun of it? Having a cosy night in? What about a deep red. Then of course you can still choose a warm white for the every day.

Smart home technology will allow you to illuminate your home to create an ambience that can be seen as an extension of your decor – a step beyond the standard expectation of interior design.

Creating a home ambience

Strategically placed strip lighting will bring an added dimension to scene-setting lighting. Bring colour to alcoves, under kitchen cupboards, hallways and television units and create an ambience in your home to suit your mood.

All this can be controlled from one place – and you don’t even need to be at home. Set the scene for your return or create the impression that someone is home when you are at work or away for the weekend.

Imagine a home that can change to suit your moods or adjust the ambience to match your plans – with smart home technology that is a reality.

For more information on smart home lighting contact Avisio.

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