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Enjoy entertainment for all with multi-room television

Our friend through the dark nights of winter and at the heart of sports celebrations throughout spring and summer – yes clearly we’re talking about television.

Television plays a huge part in our lives, from children watching the latest show, adults hooked on the latest scandi-noir drama or watching the big match together.

The only problem is that sometimes we just don’t all want to watch the same thing. With multi-room TV set-top squabbles can be a thing of the past.

Multi-room TV is a simple addition to your smart home that will bring huge benefits. Television sets can be added in as many rooms as you wish - be that one, two or seven. You decide.

Watch TV wherever you want

If the kitchen is the hub of the household it could be a great choice to install a TV there, while teenagers will certainly be delighted to see their room added to the smart home entertainment system.

The beauty of smart home multi-room TV is that you don’t all have to watch the same show – and while this is, of course, possible – most families would choose different channels if not different streaming options entirely.

Multi-room TV allows teenagers to enjoy a Netflix binge while the main living room screen shows the latest Premier League action on Sky.

The good news is that gone are the complications of dragging unseemly wires throughout the home thanks to wireless entertainment. With smart home television discreet installation is to be expected.

Stay in control

The one-touch functionality of the smart home allows you to retain control over what is shown on screens around the home. While choosing what to watch in each room is a simple process, controlled from one central control panel – or your smart phone.

The same device that gives your family the flexibility of multi-room TV choice will also enable you to keep in control of what is viewed, allowing parents to pre-set controls over accessibility and suitability.

Multi-room TV will bring an array of entertainment choice to your smart home, granting choice and ending disagreements at the touch of a button.

Enjoy your favourite TV shows wherever you are by installing multi-room TV to make the most of your smart home.

For more information on adding multi-room TV to a smart home environment get in touch with Avisio today.

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