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Benefits of Smart Home CCTV

The idea of a smart home is growing more and more popular. Having all your appliances connected and accessible from your phone whilst on the move is so helpful. You can be connected to your home 24/7.

Now you can have a smart home security system as well. Have access to your doorbell even when you are not at home. Have CCTV that notifies you if someone enters your garden or home. Have an alarm that messages you when it is triggered. The benefits are huge. For once, you can leave your house and know everything that happens when you are gone.

Still not sold on the idea? Well, here is a breakdown of all the benefits.

Smart Home Security Systems Offers 24/7 Protection

Like all CCTV, these cameras are running all the time. However, the difference is you don't have to be at home to see what they see. No matter where you are, you could be on the other side of the world, but if you have your phone (and signal) your smart security can show you what it sees and let you know of any problems.

Your home security cameras will send you immediate alerts if the motion detector is triggered and you will be able to see what is going on in real-time. You will also have a light that will trigger and turn on so you will be able to see what is happening more clearly.

A lot of these products offer you voice control, you can speak through a speaker from your phone into your property; hence, not only can you watch what is happening you can also warn the criminals that they are being filmed and should leave.

Thus, you don't get video footage of the crime after it takes place. You don't return home with all your belongings gone. You actually get a chance to stop the act before it takes place. For this reason, smart home security has become a must for many households and has a number of benefits.

Protect Your Belongings With Security Cameras

In the past, surveillance cameras have only allowed you to provide footage of the crime to the police. This often didn't do much to help either. Alarm systems notify people but most people don't listen to it, and you can't do anything unless you are inside your house as it goes off.

Essentially, if someone broke in and you were not home, you couldn't do anything about it. You would just have to hope that the alarm made them leave.

With Smart home technology you can be made aware the moment someone breaks in and you can therefore ring the authorities as it is happening. You can also tell the criminals to leave with two-way audio. This gives you more control than older cameras and offers you better security for your house or property.

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A Proactive Instead Of Reactive Security System

For the first time ever, smart home systems let you be proactive in an emergency. From your smartphone, you can interact with your home and phone the police even when you're not there.

Motion sensors allow you to know the moment an issue happens.

Monitor More Than Just Your Home

Smart technology allows you to have control over everything in your house, but it can also be connected to other things. Have a camera inside your car, or at your business, then it can all be connected together. Have complete control of your assets with a smart home security system as all your smart devices remain connected together.

This is all accessed through an app so you do need to have a smartphone and internet connection; however, since you can get a good signal in most locations now, this is not an issue most of the time.

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Save Money On Energy Bills

Most of this technology runs off of motion detectors which means smart homes are not using energy until it is needed. Old security cameras had to be running all the time, but a smart surveillance camera only runs when it detects a potential problem. This means the energy usage is much lower.

Have better control over your surveillance cameras whilst also using less energy than more traditional security systems. An alarm system that helps you save money and your home? Seems too good to be true!

Integrates Well With Home Automation

A smart home works best when other things are also part of the smart home automation system. If you slowly change your products to a smart device then you have control of everything, and you have control right from your fingertips with your smartphone. From your heating system to your fridge, you can have peace of mind no matter where you are.

Smart home products give homeowners control of their property 24/7.

You Can Access Your Security Camera From Anywhere

Apart from the several benefits already mentioned, the number one benefit is being able to access this from anywhere at any time.

Giving homeowners the option to see their property even when they are on holiday gives a level of security previously unavailable to us. Knowing that you can protect your house from a break-in no matter where you are is priceless. See who is at your front door or what is going on in your back garden, the benefits are incredible.

So, with smart security, you can have true peace of mind as currently, you won't find a better solution for home security. Sure it is not perfect, but it is far better than traditional CCTV methods. If you're looking to have a smart home security system installed, speak to our smart home installation specialists at Avisio on 0333 444 0394 for a free consultation.

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